Frequently Asked Questions

How large is a tennis court?

A tennis court is 60’ x 120’, you need a minimum area of 70’ x 120’ cleared when constructing a new court, that area should be free of trees, vegetation and debris.

How long does it take to install a tennis court?

Time frame varies do to site conditions, weather and type of surface being installed. The average project is a four to six week process.

How much does a tennis court cost?

Cost depends on a variety of factors, such as site work, location, surface selected, and what accessories are chosen. Site work is usually the most expensive component to the construction process, this can range from $20,000-$30,000 or more depending on site conditions and location.

Surface installation costs range from $20,000-$35,000, fencing, lighting, and irrigation (If applicable) also must be considered. Economic factors also play a role in our pricing models, so the best way to get an accurate figure is to give us a call at 800-640-3590.

What are the maintenance requirements for a tennis court?

Once one of our surfaces are installed, they require a check-up and periodic cleaning as well as grooming, depending upon the type of court and amount of play it receives. A detailed maintenance manual and proper equipment are available for all surfaces.

What types of fencing do you offer?

We design and build mostly all of our fencing systems, we typically recommend eight foot vinyl fencing, this provides a clean look while providing security for errant balls. We also build custom designed wooden fences that are a beautiful addition to any surface, these fences are not only aesthetically pleasing, but will endure the elements.

Do you install lighting systems?

Yes, we offer a variety of lighting options for all your tennis needs, we typically install lights only with our new construction projects, but we can put lights on existing courts on a case-by-case business. Fence repairs are common when we are revamping an old surface.

Do you install wind screens?

Yes, we can provide and install windscreens, they are available in custom and and pre-made sizes.

Do you offer basketball hoop installations?

Yes, we can provide and install basketball hoops, we also can paint basketball keys on existing courts as well as driveways.

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